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Benvielle aka Poesie-2007 Premium Oldenburg GOV Mare (Benvolio x Rolando x Banter)

Benvielle aka Poesie is a lovely FEI quality mare. She is a premium oldenburg GOV mare.  She is very friendly and loves attention. She has amazing power in her hind end and lift in her front end. She is a 2007 16.2 hands mare- Benvolio x Rolando x Banter. She has several siblings and full siblings. She also shows she could be a jumper type clearing 4'6'' in the chute).  She was used as a broodmare prior to us obtaining her and she has had two foals via frozen.  She would be a lovely riding type for a professional or a quality broodmare for a breeder. She is sound and has a very nice type to her. She last weaned a Furstenball colt Nov 2016.  She has shown in hunter, pleasure, hack, dressage, hunter pace, trail and more. She has already been site champion and wins a lot of BLUE ribbons.


September 2007- Oldenburg GOV Inspection- Awarded Premium



September 2015- Oldenburg GOV Inspection with Sezuan filly- Premium Foal

September 2016- Oldenburg GOV Inspection with Furstenball Colt- Premium Foal

June 24, 2017 Canterbury Cool Summer Series-
3rd Mares 2yrs and older
1st Beginner Showmanship
1st W/T Open
2nd w/t/c open
1st English pleasure W/T
1st Equitation W/T
2nd hunter hack ground poles
overall HIGH POINT CHAMPION W/T Division

July 29, 2017 Canterbury Dressage Show 2-training level 1 and 2-66%

August 27, 2017- Summer Dogs Days Dressage benefiting the ASPCA.
Training Level 1- 61% 2nd place
Training Level 2- 62% 2nd place
Training Level 3- 60% 3rd place.

September 2, 2017- Canterbury Cool Summer Series #3
Adult Showmanship-3rd
Open W/T-2nd
Open W/T/C-3rd
Adult English Pleasure W/T-2nd
Adult English Equitation W/T-2nd
Adult English Equitation W/T/C-1st
Adult English Pleasure W/T/C-1st
Adult Hunter Hack-cross rails-1st
Adult Hunter Hack 18"-2nd
Adult In hand trail W/T-1st
Adult trail WT-2nd
Overall Reserve Site Champion Adult W/T
Overall Reserve Site Champion Adult W/T/C

Training Level 1- TBA Training Level 2-TBA Training Level 3-TBA (Show was cancelled). ;(

October 29, 2017- Misty Morning Hounds Hunter Pace 5 mile-2nd

November 18, 2017- Fall Fling at Canterbury
Over All Reserve Champion Adult W/T.
Mares 2 years old and older-3rd
Open W/T-5th
Open W/T/C-3rd
Equitation W/T-2nd
Equitation W/T/C-2nd
Pleasure W/T-2nd
Hunter Hack W/T cross rails-1st
Hunter Hack W/T/C 18”-2nd
Trail W/T- 6th

Price Group B-$15,000-$25,000