Haven Sporthorses HsH

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2021 foals

Vita- Five Kings HsH x Viva la Vieda (Viva Voltaire) FL  April 22, 2021

Four Hearts- Five Kings HsH x Quadrophenia (Quinar x Carthago x Capriccio)   May 1, 2021

Fashionista- born June 25, 2021- Oldenburg, Five Kings HsH x Tamora (Trakenher)- full sister to Flanagan in CA

Razzi- KWPN B, Five Kings HsH x Saz (APHA pony) June 22, 2021

Five Kings HsH x Galoubet- twisted umbilical cord, aborted- bay filly ;-( This would have been the 3rd repeat cross related to Diva and Danny Boy. NY