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Fosmanta HsH (Filly Flash)- 2010 KWPN Mare (Flipper d'Elle x Peter Pan x Godehard)
15.3 hands and growing grey filly

Currently off the market and will be retained as breeding stock

This lovely filly is out of Osmanta A (Olivia 103)- FEI/CSI Ster KWPN Sport Predicate Grand Prix Jumper Mare

She has been show in hand and under saddle. She is w/t/c trail ridden and jumping. She is smooth as glass. This is a special buy. 

The filly flash is a 2010 KWPN Flipper d'Elle x Peter Pan filly. May consider a package deal with her dam.

She is a premium KWPN filly by Flipper d'Elle out of a sport predicate mare by Peter Pan. She is 15 hands at 20 months old, expected to mature to 16.1+-hands. She is refined and elegant. She has floating movement and doesn't show any fear to date, pretty bomb proof. She has a great brain, easy to handle. She carries my saddle around for me and really wants to be a big girl-wants to start her riding career, she has amazing work ethic and will have great ridability. She is easy to lead and handle. Great for vet and farrier. She is up to date on all care, never been sick or injured. She has excellent joints and could possible be a PROK.

Her Sire: Flipper d'Elle sire is Double Expoir who served French breeding with distinction throughout his career. He sired International jumpers such as Bayard D'elle, Fidelio du Thot, Avec Espoir, and Apache D'Adriers. The father of Double Espoir, Ibrahim, needs no introduction as one of the most influential foundation sires in breeding. His most famous son being Alme.  The dam sire Jalisco was considered the "Sire of Sires" and his products include Quidam de Revel and Papillon Rouge along with another forty odd approved sons.

Sire's Performance and Results:
Competition Results of Stallion: A permanent fixture in the French Nations cup team with his rider Laurent Goffinet, in 2006 he won ten different International titles, including the Grand Prix of St Lo, the CSIO***** of Gijon, the four star Grand Prix of Deauville and the four star Grand Prix of Bremen (Germany), he was also selected for the WEG in Aachen. In 2006 alone he won 81,000 euros.

2003 - A member of the Samsung Super League winning French team. He also won the three star Grand Prix at St. Lo, and the three stare Grand Prix at Le Courneuve.
2004 - Again he was a key member of the French which won the overall Samsung Super League, and the winner of the Grand Prix at St Lo.
2005 - Flipper won the Grand Prix at Deauville, Santilly and Le Mans, he also competed at the European Championships at San Partignano.

Strong points:
Heart, jump genetics.

Flipper d'Elle has covered 1327 mares over 9 years.

Comments on Confirmation of Offspring:

Offspring are competing successfully in France in Jumpers and Hunters. La Luna du Thot ISO 159 (6 YO) now jumping international GP and Lucky de Quettehou ISO 159 international show jumper.

Flipper is starting to prove himself as a sire, with a significant number of offspring from each year qualifying for their respective age class finals, and of those numbers going into hunter finals each year.

Radiological score: *****
ISO: 186
BSO: +24 (0.95)

A Flipper d'Elle mare owned by Mclain Ward has been very successful in the USA-Flipper d'OR-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_BjnmZ2ns0

The damsire, Peter Pan is more than one of thirty offspring of the legendary Westphalian progenitor Pilot (Pilatus) that are performing in the International showjumping arena. Celebrities such as PS Priamos (Ludger Beerbaum), Pirol V (Lesley McNaught), Showtime (Nick Skelton), and Pialotta (Rolf-Goran Bengtsson) are all direct Pilot descendants. PETER PAN was bred in East Germany at Paul Schockemohle's stud farm "Lewitz". His dam, Gesthemane, is a product of the classic combination Domino (Domspatz) and Gepard (Gotthard). The line continues back to the Hanoverian mare Soraja II Z (Furioso II x Senat), who has also been used for breeding at the famous Belgian stud farm "Zangersheide". In 1994 PETER PAN was most impressive during the free jumping at the KWPN stallion selection, where he received his breeding license. He then pursued an impressive showjumping career under Neal Fearon, and then Alessia Marioni (seen above), earning a series of victories in the International arena. From PETER PAN's first seasons in the Netherlands, several sons were licensed for breeding, including, Opan, Obsession, and Olivier.

The Dam: 16.1 hands
Osmanta A (Olivia 103)-1996 Sport Predicate Ster KWPN mare, the filly's dam is proven herself as a sport predicate mare in the jumpers competed all the way to Grand Prixs. She also has her FEI passport and has competed in CSI*** competitions. She also has bill of sales for well over 100,000. This mare also does 3rd level dressage with ease. Her older offspring is a gelding in Holland showing in the jumpers. Her dam's siblings are also all sport predicate, so this dam-line is proven in the sport.

This is a very intelligent and well put together filly. She is top of the line. Approved home only, she will be grey, born bay.  

September 2010-KWPN inspection as a foal-premium

July 2012-All breed in hand, 4th in sport horse and 5th in open mares in hand.

August 2012-All breed in hand (diff judge) 2nd in sport horses, 2nd in open mares in hand.

October 2013-(This show was for exposure. We still placed well in hunter showmanship and equitation classes even though we were not braided nor in the proper show clothes, which deducts points)
Open hunter mares and fillies-3rd
Open W/T hunter showmanship-4th
Open Showmanship-6th
Open W/T schooling-6th
Open W/T Hunter under saddle-5th
Open W/T Hunter Equitation-5th

Dec 14, 2013
Schooling W/T Hunter-3rd
Hunter W/T-3rd
Hunter Equitation-3rd

April 2015-Green Hunter-5th place, Hunter Under Saddle-6th Place

May 2015-Schooling at HSITP, Canterbury-stall training and schooling in the large jumper ring-very good behavior

Oct 31, 2015-2nd 18" jumpers 3rd cross rails

Nov 1, 2015- 4th 18", 3rd 2' jumpers.
(Above heights adjusted for rider level)

February 16, 2016-Schooling at HITS

June 5, 2016- Misty Morning Hounds Hunter Fit Pace-1st Place.

July 30, 2016 Canterbury Dressage Show Intro A, B, and C (first dressage show with intermediate student rider)- 2nd place, 1st, and 1st (scores in the 60s)

Sept 24-25, 2016-TB Open Dressage Show, Training Level 1 and 2- 1st, 1st place (60s) high score of the day

October 15, 2016-Canterbury Schooling Show Show Training Level 1, 2 -1st (58%), 2nd (57%)-lesson student rider

Jan 14 and 15, 2017 Junior rider. 2'3" speed class 2nd, 2'6" JO 4th 2'6"
Jan 15- 2'3" JO-1st 2'3" Speed-3rd 2'6" JO-2nd 2'6" speed 3rd

May 7, 2017- Misty Morning Hounds Hunter Fit Jumping Hunter Pace- 1st Place.

HSITP: May 20, 2017-2'3" speed and jump off 2nd, 2nd and overall Reserve Champion. 2'6" speed and jump off 1st, 1st
May 21, 2017-2'6" speed and Jump off 1st, 1st and overall Champion, 2'9" speed and jump off, 2nd, 2nd and overall Reserve Champion.

Aug 19, 2017-Longwood MSC show
2'3"-1st. 2'6"-2nd. 2'9"-1st

Aug 27, 2017-Dogs Days of Summer Dressage Show, Anthony, FL Rebel Ridge Farm
Intro A, B, C- 1st, 1st, 2nd over all Reserve High point Champion.

September 30, 2017-MSC Jumper Show, Longwood Farm South, Ocala FL
2'9"-Power and Speed-1st, optimum time-1st
Grand Champion
3'- Power and Speed-1st, optimum time-1st
Grand Champion
3'3" (1m)-Power and Speed-1st, optimum time-3rd
Reserve Champion

October 29, 2017- Misty Morning Hounds Hunter Pace 5 mile-2nd

Nov 4, 2017 MSC Jumper Show, Longwood Farm South
2’6”-2nd speed 2’9” speed-1st 3’-1st optium time 3’-speed (show ran too late to do 3’3”)

Jan 6, 2018-MSC Banquet
Overall 3’ Child/Adult Champion. Overall 2’9” Reserve Champion

March 3, 2018 Canterbury Hunter Series w/14 year old girl
Overall Youth WT High Point Champion
Model hunter-1st
Mares 2 and up-3rd
Youth Showmanship-3rd
Youth Hunter Hack with jumping-1st
Open Schooling wt-3rd
Youth Pleasure-2nd
Youth Equitation-1st
Youth Trail in Hand-1st

May 11, 2018 Canterbury Hunter Series w/14 year old girl
Overall Youth W/T High Point Champion
Youth Showmanship-1st
Youth Hunter Hack with jumping-1st
Open Schooling wt-1st
Youth Pleasure-1st
Youth Equitation-1st
Youth Trail in Hand-1st
Youth Trail under saddle-1st

July 14, 2018 Canterbury Hunter Series Youth Rider
Ranch Halter Horse-3rd
Youth Showmanship-2nd
Ranch Horse Showmanship-5th
Open Schooling w/t-4th
Youth English Pleasure w/t-3rd
Youth English Equitation-1st
Youth Hunter Hack-1st
In hand youth-3rd
Youth Trail w/t-1st
Overall Youth High Point Champion.

Canterbury Summer Series August 18, 2018
(ALL Classes were large)
Model Hunter-3rd
Mares 2 and up-5th
Open Schooling W/T-6th
Youth English Pleasure-2nd
Youth Equitation-2nd
Youth Hunter Hack-2nd
In Hand Youth trail W/T-2nd
Under saddle youth trail-3rd
Overall Youth W/T High Point Champion

September 8, 2018 New Rider, first English show, Large classes
Open Schooling W/T-6th
Hunter Hack O/F-1st
Youth English Pleasure W/T-4th
Youth English Equitation W/T-3rd

November 10, 2018 Canterbury Show Series
Model Hunter-1st
Mares 2 and up-1st
Youth Showmanship-5th
Open W/T-4th
Youth Hunter Hack-1st
Youth Pleasure-2nd
Youth Equitation-1st
Overall champion youth hunter
November 17, 2018. Open Canterbury End of the year Banquet.
Filly Flash was overall champion in the youth walk trot division.



Junior Rider Showing 2'6''-2'9'' Grand Champion May 2017

Adult Amateur Schooling to 3'9'' May 2017

Junior Rider Schooling June 2017

May 7, 2017 Hunter Pace

Feb 2016 Schooling at HITS

Jan 2015, New Rider Jumping so Relaxed-up to 1m oxer

Trots 4' vertical with ease

3rd time in the jump chute perfecting her technique, Feb 2013

Huge hind end

Filly Flash's sire, Flipper d"Elle video below showing temperament and athletic ability 

2010 KWPN Inspection, Iron Springs Farm, PA

Learning what the water is all about

just born