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Five Kings HsH
2010- KWPN VB, D-OC, WFFS-N/N, and EVA Negative

Bay with Chrome-16.1h
2021-2023 Approved with American Warmblood Registry (AWR)- a WBFSH member
No longer licensed with OLD-N.A., ISR. 
Lifetime Approved AWSSR Elite  (American Warmblood and Sporthorse Registry)

sBs (Belgian Sporthorse) and KWPN B Eligible foals pending mare
(Eurocommerce Berlin x Diamant de Semilly x Quidam de Revel x Landgraf I x Calypso I)
BREEDING INFORMATION: Berlin aka Casper- (Cassini I x Caretino) as a Holsteiner Stallion
(NAS and ISR/OLD-NA  are members of the WBFSH, Five Kings HsH foals can get Belgian Sporthorse sBs and possible other registries that accept WBFSH member registries)
Approved Lifetime Elite Stallion with the American Warmblood Society (AWSSR)
5 star Reward Program /*/*/ / / /
The Extended Pedigree of Champions in the WORLD!
Born April 2, 2010 --> Bay with Chrome- ~16.1 1/2 hands at 8 years old (Still Growing)
 1st premium VB KWPN Stallion, born in the USA, bred in Europe
 AWSSR (Elite Lifetime Approved) as of December 2014
ISR/OLD-NA Licensed 2015-2022 Foals (sBs registered foals w/Old breed certificate, KWPN A Papers)

The Documents needed for breeding Fresh or Frozen Semen

1- Client info Sheet (for fresh and/or frozen)
2- Fresh or Frozen Semen Contract

Collection is estimated $350-450 (includes dry shipper)-We collect at more than one location depending on availability. So contact for breed dates and collection info, this is to be paid separately to the collection agency and if shipping is needed that will also be paid. Typically we offer M/W/F collections, some exceptions may be made. We only used licensed veterinarians for collection. 

Five Kings HsH DNA test result show he is Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) N/N (NOT A CARRIER)-so even if bred to a mare that is a carrier the foal will not have this mutation.

Click the facebook icon for a link to a WFFS group to learn more and to see results in a spreadsheet of stallions and mares.

BREEDING DATES ~Jan-September (other months may be available for special cases) fresh collection. Frozen available year round. Frozen can be arranged to ship out of the country with plenty of notice to arrange for quarantine

Would consider the sale of Five Kings HsH to an approved show home for any offers in the 6 figures

 Fresh Cooled Semen 

Stud fee is $1,000.00 USD (includes booking and a 2 year LFG- year 1 starting the year you breed) discounts available for proven mares, multiple mares, returning clients, and Oldenburg and AWSSR foals that will be presented at an inspection.

KWPN mares can get A papers 

Frozen-$650 USD/dose and in stock no LFG, as there are limited doses available-fresh semen collection will be discounted if frozen is not successful and your mare passes a reproduction exam prior to using frozen.

FROZEN SALE -$350/dose



Frozen currently stored at the University of Florida 

*Equitainers must be returned immediately

BREEDING SEASON IS HERE-Please click below to download and fill out Client Information Sheet and Breeding Contract-Please make sure you have the most current contract before sending. Current contracts will be uploaded at the beginning of the breeding season.  Do not use one from a previous breeding, always download most recent by checking the year stated in contract and read contract carefully.... 

Follow HsH on facebook above for news and photos

Five Kings HsH is jumper breeding at its best.  He compiles the top show jumpers in the world for generations.  He is also a fantastic mover and could have a career in the dressage ring.  At this time he is growing nicely and will be a nice height with a modern build.  He has a very nice temperament and has good work ethic.  For info on his damline click here.  He was 1st place at his KWPN inspection for jumper foals born before June 1st at Iron Spring Farm PA, USA in 2010 and awarded 1st premium.  

At the 2015 Oldenburg NA inspection, his colt bred in Tampa FL out of AWS mare, Partly Cloudy took site Champion.

His Sire Eurocommerce Berlin : PROK KWPN Stallion, In 2006, at the world equestrian games in Aachen, Germany, Eurocommerce Berlin absolutely grew in stature: the powerful stallion body pulled and stretched, took off and floated over the highest jumps and landed lightly. Then he cantered to the following jump, ears pricked forward, alert to every subtle command from his rider, Gerco Schröder.

        Eurocommerce Berlin’s sire Cassini I was, in his years in sport, the trump card of the German/Frisian international rider Franke Sloothaak. The pair won, among other things, the Grand Prix at CHampion Gelderland, the former CSI at the national sports centre in Papendal and the Grand Prix at CSI Modena- the pet project of Luciano Pavarotti the tenor who died in 2007. Cassini’s sire, Capitol I, forms the genetical bottleneck where the stallion line of the legendary Cottage Son xx had to squeeze through to have the space to broadly spread out for a second time throughout the breeding world. 

     Cassini’s dam, Wisma, is from the small stock 3389 that, since Cassini I, has received more interest from the Holstein breeders. Except for full brother Cassini II, out of this stock Caleri (sire: Calido I), Cassaro (sire: Coronado) and Lovari (sire: Lasino) have since been licensed. From the point of view of sport, Eurocommerce Berlin's dam is just as interesting. His dam Estia (out of the famous Caretino) was the show jumping horse of both Aloïs Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Marc Wirths. However, these international riders brought her out under other names: respectively Coba and Cathleen-W. Pollman-Schweckhorst rode her grandam Ostia as well and also using another sports name: Frimella. From her stock 890 also come, among others, the show jumpers Crocodile Dandy of Alison Firestone and Feodora of Fritz Fervers. In November 1997, Eurocommerce Berlin had a good test as an unlicensed stallion in Adelheidsdorf; in the jumping index he scored 133.21 points and thus, in this section, came in second place just behind Acorado who has since also become equally famous. After successive approvals in both Holland in March 2003 and, under his former name Caspar, in Oldenburg in January 2005, Eurocommerce Berlin- ridden by Gerco Schröder- established his reputation by contributing to the winning of gold medals by the 'Oranje' team in both the WC in 2006 (Aachen) and at the EC in 2007 (Mannheim). The WC gold was sufficient to give him a permanent license by his stud book of birth, Holstein.

His dam Aphrodite II M-15.3h 2005 PROK KWPN Chestnut bred and born in Holland. First colt, Eberlin M-2009 colt, sold to France for 30,000 euros at one day old. He is marked similar to Five Kings HsH but has full blaze and higher stockings.  Aphrodite is by Diamant de Semilly who is climbing the world rankings very fast to number one. Aphrodite's dam's sire Quidam de Revel is a Legend is show jumping along with Landgraf I and Calypso I. Please visit Aphrodite's page more more info on her pedigree and photos.  She has amazing conformation and jumping style. 


  • September 2010-KWPN Inspection, 1st premium and 1st place for jumper bred foals in his class
  • December 2014-North American Studbook Approvals (NAS) APPROVED 2014-2015 foal crops
  • Decemener 2014-Elite AWS Stallion */ */ / / / Lifetime Approved 
  • September 2015-HSITP schooling-well behaved
  • October 2015-ISR-OLD/NA Stallion Approvals-Licensed for 2015-2022 foals (colt was site champion)
  • October 2015-Canterbury Schooling Dressage Show Intro C-2nd place
  • August 2016-KWPN Keuring-2nd Premium

FOR SALE to an approved home, Click on the link for details. 

His facebook page has the most recent photos, videos of him and his offspring....


  • Dec 2014 NAS Approvals
    Dec 2014 NAS Approvals
  • June 2014, 4 years old
    June 2014, 4 years old
  • May 27, 2014-4 years old
    May 27, 2014-4 years old
  • March 2014
    March 2014
  • 3 years old
    3 years old
  • Jan 2015
    Jan 2015
  • Thanksgiving 2014
    Thanksgiving 2014
  • 14 months old
    14 months old
  • 3 years old at the University of Florida for collections
    3 years old at the University of Florida for collections
  • April 2013
    April 2013
  • 5/31/2013 Free Jump
    5/31/2013 Free Jump
  • Berlin-Sire
  • Quidam de Revel-granddam's sire
    Quidam de Revel-granddam's sire
  • Diamant de Semilly -dam's sire
    Diamant de Semilly -dam's sire

VIDEOS Please see his Facebook for recent video clips

December 2014 Stallion Approvals with North American Studbook (NAS)

Something Magical about this Stallion

Major SCOPE! 4th time in the chute, WOW Feb 2014

Five Kings HsH Free Jump, May 2013, 2nd time in the chute